probably should NOt say that

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An event


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pink light


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The statement became false

The statement became false right before I read it. I want to talk about this without spoilers, so I used :

Jura V svefg fgnegrq gur tnzr, V qvqa'g ernyvmr lbh pbhyq whzc. V gubhtug vg jnf n chmmyr gb svther bhg jung gur grkg fnlf. Fb sbe n juvyr, gur fgngrzrag jnf gehr, V jnf "gelvat fb uneq". Ohg vg orpnzr rnfl nf fbba nf V svtherq bhg V pbhyq whzc. V jnfa'g "gelvat fb uneq" nalzber. V jbaqre vs guvf vf gur vagraqrq rkcrevrapr be abg. Guvf jbhyq or n pbzcyrgryl qvssrerag tnzr vs lbh qvqa'g unir gur novyvgl gb whzc. Gur vebal va gur ab-whzc irefvba jbhyq or ernyyl boivbhf, tvira gung gur cynlre fhpprrqf va ernqvat gur zrffntr. Vapyhqvat gur whzc nsgre nyy vf na vagrerfgvat pubvpr. Ab znggre ubj ybat vg gnxrf lbh gb svther bhg lbh pna whzc, gur zrffntr vf jebat bapr lbh ernq vg. Gur bayl fvghngvba jurer gur zrffntr vf fgvyy evtug vf vs gur cynlre arire ernyvmrf gurl pna whzc. Znlor gur ragvgl gung jebgr gur zrffntr qvqa'g ernyvmr gurl pbhyq whzc, rvgure. Be znlor V'z whfg gelvat gbb uneq gb vagrecerg guvf tnzr, naq gur vebal vfa'g ybfg ba zr nsgre nyy.

This game made me think. I like it!

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I enjoy your thoughts on

I enjoy your thoughts on this but I tend to disagree. Your interpretation seems to rely on the premise that once you have read the message, your efforts are suddenly successful enough to stop "trying". This isn't the case for me. It's only after I read the message that I found myself trying.

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i don't quite understand -

i don't quite understand - what were you trying to do after you had read the message?

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I started trying to figure

I started trying to figure out what it was referring to.

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fun. I walked around the

fun. I walked around the letters trying to figure out what they were based on their shape before Clyde told me I could jump.