1hgj - Night Court Simulator

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Made for the 145th One Hour Game Jam in a little less than an hour. The theme was "Ten Seconds."

How good of a judge are you, really? Click the left mouse button on different choices. Hear the arguments and lay down the verdict within 10 seconds (or lose your chance to earn points by going to Recess). Once you pronounce a judgment, Bull lets you know how well you've done. After 10 cases, you see your accuracy percentage.

For Windows only. Made in Clickteam Fusion. Photos of Bull found on the Internet and used without permission. Sound effects made with BFXR.


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An event


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After a while I started to wonder if bull was ever gonna smile at me again. I used to love night court when I was a kid and now all I remember about it was that bull was a character so that was pretty fun. I thought I was figuring out a system with how the lawyers were saying guilty or not guilty, but it was not so (as shown by my 43%)

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It's completely random. Had it been Two Hour Game Jam, then there'd be a method to it. :)

the bald max headroom of judges

its quite nice, 40%. All guilty

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Error Rate

You've still a ways to go when it comes to improving that wrongful conviction rate. But fortunately this is only a video game. I think in the USA the wrongful conviction rate is currently somewhere round 4.1%.

BETTER THAN 95% ACCURACY. Beat that. :)

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Was evidence never presented

Was evidence never presented in Night Court?

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Not So Much

If I recall correctly, it wasn't so much evidence being presented as it was mostly just a back-and-forth one-liners between Markie Post and John Laroquette.