1hgj - You're Late, Mate

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YOU'RE LATE, MATE. Created for the 147th One Hour Game Jam. The theme was "Return." Now an HTML 5 build, so it can be played on any computer.

Throw your boomerangs (you have up to 4 at a time) at the overdue library books to collect them and earn points. Boomerangs will return to you no matter where you run. The more books you hit with a single boomerang, the greater your score bonus will be.

Includes the background music from the old 8-bit NES game "Boomerang Kid," from CodeMasters.


NOTE: I fixed the disappearing-boomerangs issue noted in the comments below. Game is now v1.1 .

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Really neat!

Really neat! It's a bit buggy, which isn't terribly surprising (boomerangs would disappear sometimes for reasons that weren't apparent, which was especially painful when I was about to hit the precious and rare 4x combo) given the time constraints, but it's a neat idea, charmingly executed! Also massive kudos on account of nailing the "return" theme on two levels!

High score: 580 (my first and best out of three runs!)

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Thank You

Thanks for the positive comments...!

I did have some trouble sorting out the destruction of the boomerangs when intended, but I was coming quick up against the deadline. It's passable only and - as you noted - can be frustrating. I was most pleased with implementing the boomerang movement as well as the scoring bonus structure... Yes, it's totally satisfying to grab that 4x score bonus. :D

If I was going to come back to this (and I keep telling my girlfriend I'm considering it, since she was so miffed that I was encouraging the player to destroy library books), the books would add to a collection tallied and displayed at the bottom edge of the screen or something like that. Oh, and I'd prevent the player from walking off the edges of the screen, too.

Congrats on your high score. Throughout testing, my best score was somewhere round 750: doable, but not easy. Have fun!