Li went to flounda's house and this is what he told me (with quasiotter)

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made by me and quasiotter for collab jam, enjoy :)

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Nice screenshot. Looking

Nice screenshot. Looking forward to playing this.

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This is awesome. Nailed it.

This is awesome. Nailed it.

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Nailed it!

Nailed it!

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taste in men

derailed it!

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god, this totally rules. the

god, this totally rules. the render target spheres spilling in are genius. the dialog snippets that clip out randomly are frustrating but in a satisfying way. i only found three and i wish they would have taken their train of thought a little further, but i guess that's all Li said.

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it took me awhile to figure out how the text snippets are activated, but there's no randomness at all. karen is amazing and also did the "render target spheres" — yeah, karen rules

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The thing that sticks with

The thing that sticks with me about this game (in addition to the general sense of swirling inside spaces) is the feeling that the work of collaboration is shown. I don't know if the messages are intended between the two of you, but that's how I received it and that's what sticks. It feels voyeuristic and instructive not of notable skill, but of willingness, effort, and reception on a super banal scale and in a present way.
This makes me want to include my work in my games more, in this accessible way. Even though I'm working alone, I can think of myself at various times as different actors who are trying to send each other messages, things that need to get done... placeholder mood-boards for undeveloped sensibilities. I think the inclusion of that stuff could lend my games more of a context within which they exist as an intent, material, and process.

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