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nocturnal supremacy

i don't know what to say about this lol

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Played it for 30 seconds,

Played it for 30 seconds, then got bored and figured out how to autoclick. Autoclicked at 100% cpu speed and froze my browser for 5 minutes. The horrible high pitched noise persisted throughout. The big half-spheres clipped through each other. Didn't bother seeing if there was any content past that, sorry.


My ears hurt

My ears hurt

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my fingers hurt

my fingers hurt

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none of me is hurting


i only played for maybe thirty seconds but i enjoyed the consistency and simplicity of the interaction and the fact that i felt i could perfectly imagine most of the game without actually experiencing it (although this might not be true). kind of like the inverse of that pippin barr game 'it is as if you were playing chess'