1hgj - Midnight Girl

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MIDNIGHT GIRL, made in just over one hour for One Hour Game Jam. The theme this time round was Dreams. Converted to HTML 5, so it should play in any browser.

It's a basic shooter with a time limit, inspired by the world of the old-skool NES game "Little Nemo the Dream Master." Maybe that's why the main character is riding an alligator. Of course, had I more time, this would be much more expansive. So it goes.

Press SHIFT/JOY BUTTON 1 to shoot bolts, which destroy the Nightmare Beasts (orange guys). Sprinkle Dreamdust on the sleeping kids with CTRL/JOY BUTTON 2. Tag the windows to increase your spawn multiplier to earn more points. If you shoot a window, it will be destroyed.

All artwork and event coding hastily created by me (though I must admit I'm particularly happy with the appearance of the windows). Sounds made in BFXR. Background music from playonloop.com .


Made For: 
An event


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This is a super cool concept. I always get frustrated when a nightmare and a sleeping person spawn in the same place at the same time, but I love when I can kill them right before they infect the sleeping person. I like the sleep dust mechanic a lot too!

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I changed the spawner for the Nightmare Beasts to the top of the screen. This gives the sleeping kids a snowball's chance to survive.

It also lowers my average score a bit, but maybe it's for the best anyway. See what you think. :)