League of Piss

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John Fogle, Aini, and the Purple Hat Man are back and ready for a sublime bullet experience. and also driving a bus and this time there are no police but there are stink bugs and also a robot
this game is an adventure point and click game but also there are battles in bullet hell style and also driving a bus.
I started making this game like 6 months ago just as my brain was getting all fucked up but in that time it has gotten pretty much better mostly so I think that you can see some themes like this in the game, or at least maybe you can see the themes that made my brain get better.

hell yedah

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this game is so good i

this game is so good i waited for it ever since i was born and my grandfather would always tell stories about it, and now it's here!!!
great game.... john fogle kicked everybody's ass!!!!!

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yeah I've been making this

yeah I've been making this game for about 500 years using a secret computer that the freemasons built in the australian outback

The stinkbugs send it

The stinkbugs send it straight into my favourites!!

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I'm glad you noticed they're

I'm glad you noticed they're stink bugs, good work

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cool game!! i only played up

cool game!!
i only played up until i died which was during the bit where i was driving a bus. i like the sound in the instructions section. actually i liked all of the music i heard. travongle reminds me of somebody i used to be friends with. i hope i will play more of this game another time.

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thankyou very much, yeah the

thankyou very much, yeah the bus bit is a bit overly lethal, if I make a sequel I might avoid random deaths a bit more
and yeah travongle reminds me of people I know too haha, I hope I didn't "demonise" them because they aren't evil people or anything


This game is so intensely pure... It reminds me of the stuff I used to make when I was in bands back in the day (I'm actually an old fart). It has that sense of fearless creativity around it. I know I sound pretentious just by typing it that way, but I can't otherwise articulate the feeling I had from just the beginning segments.

Your music sense is flawless. I absolutely LOVE going through the help screens repeatedly so I can hear the background music going faster and faster and faster... I've only played enough to drive round in the van, but I would play this game just to hear the battle soundtrack over and over again.

I most definitely need to play this through to the end(s)...! Nice work here. :)

Um... Yeah. Pretty much

Um... Yeah. Pretty much everything karen-k mentioned before me.

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haha thankyou, I'm glad you

haha thankyou, I'm glad you liked it.
It makes me very happy to hear you got that kinda feeling from it since it's quite the opposite of how I felt back before I started it.

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Hey dude, a streamer played

Hey dude, a streamer played your game and got me to come here. I must say I love your character designs! So of course I had to doodle aini

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Also… I, a random online bystander, can confirm that Dany has seen this "very nice new fan art" already!