Babycaszine Organisation Thread !!

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Hey, thought I'd seperate-out the zine stuff so it doesn't get all cluttered. Below are the zine-thoughts I've had so far, please post any other ideas, wants, etc!

What I'll Do

So I've nominated myself to organise the zine. So I'll do the layout, make the disc image for burning, and do a PDF so we can share it online too :)

What You'll Do

The way I think it'll work is that there should be enough room for anyone who wants to submit something to get a page (or potentially more if really needed?). That could be whatever: a little essay, a collage, a drawing ...

We also talked about the idea of physical versions of flickgames that would take the form of a larger piece of paper that you unfold to navigate. Decky posted a good plan for making those work in the Discord, and I was also looking at this program called Laidout that makes it easy to play with real interesting designs. I might reach out to some GT-affiliated people who aren't actually showing anything too, depending on how many pages we fill.

There'll be a credits page/s in the zine, so everyone in the show should give me a name plus a website and social media link if they want (I'll also put a link to your GT profile).

There's a sheet in the spreadsheet for zine details. Please check your details there:

Other Help

As I'm not in NYC I can't really organise the actual printing. It'd really help to:
  • Get an idea of cost before I do too much layout (so ASAP), including price options for number of pages, paper size, paper kinds, colour, etc. I'm picturing something the size of an A4 or letter sized page folded over. So each sheet would be four pages. Just staple sfor binding.
  • Is there some kinda BBCastles publication budget, or are we paying for this?
  • CD or DVD burning (which'll also require some paper pockets or something to attach them to the booklet).

Zine link:

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this is a good idea. i would

this is a good idea. i would love to write some kind of small essay, especially perhaps about one or some of the games that are in the exhibition. i'm still feeling inspired by sam crisp's writing about Jake Clover's 'Gradient Addiction' which was in that bonfire park collection which i think i found via you on mastodon.

i was going to suggest that people might like to write things about games to be presented as part of the exhibition. like to be on a piece of paper next to the game. it depends on how the games are displayed, if there's many games on each machine it might not make sense.

depending on how many people would be interested in writing something i'd suggest it as a separate thing, otherwise just having a few pages in this zine for text would be cool :)

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I was hoping you'd write

I was hoping you'd write something ;)

Maybe it could even spin-off into a once-a-year zine or something :O

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I want to write something

I want to write something for this and will try to write that thing soon. It also might be handwritten and/or illustrated in some way. Haven't decided yet.

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So I was wondering if maybe

So I was wondering if maybe we could devote one or two pages of this to short lists (max five or ten items) of recommended GT games by GT users. Stuff that isn't (or is) being exhibited that individual members of the community find inspiring or valuable or whatever.

I was thinking of writing an article for the zine to that effect, but I was thinking it might instead be cool to give people who pick up the zine a small spread of a few dozen games they can go home and check out.

Note: I'd be happy to design this feature.

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I like the idea. Not sure

I like the idea. Not sure how many lists we can cram onto a folded sheet of paper... I guess 4 or 6? So 8 or 12 across two pages. Not saying it can't take more pages!

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Uh I took the liberty of

Uh I took the liberty of starting a thread to collect these:

Hope that's ok.

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This might enf up as the bulk of the zine actually, which is pretty cool with me!

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hey for people who haven't

hey for people who haven't seen this on the discord, i'm putting together a collage for this (maybe it can be a poster too)
what i'm looking for is graphics from your trainwrecks:
- preferably sprites
- preferably transparent
- don't need to be from games in the exhibition
- can be from games you haven't released

if you're interested, let me know. together we can build the messy, trashy and garish future

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Oh rad! I'll try to get some

Oh rad! I'll try to get some things to ya soon.

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Here are sprites from some

Here are sprites from some of my various GT submissions

jdmsprites.zip3.23 KB
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Last call!

I'll repost here what I just put in the discord:

The zine's basically ready, but I really need people to:
- double check their details in the 'zine' page of the spreadsheet, especially the amount of games, because I gather there's been a limit set at four (excluding compilations, Knyt Stories)?
- send me any artwork (etc.) they wanted included. Either DM me here or on GT please :)

I'm not going to have time to do the CD :sweat: , so if anyone wants to take that on it'd be a relief. Just need to put everything on a disc with a text file with the credits (I can send you those). I dunno if everything will even fit on a disc TBH, it's deceptively more work than it seems. Probably don't need to design a sleeve, we can make a pocket i nthe zine.
I'd like to send it of to the BBCastles people before the weekend, almost forgot to mention. So please get in touch in the next 12 hours? Even if just to say you're working on it, just need more time.