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Hey, thought I'd seperate-out the zine stuff so it doesn't get all cluttered. Below are the zine-thoughts I've had so far, please post any other ideas, wants, etc!

What I'll Do

So I've nominated myself to organise the zine. So I'll do the layout, make the disc image for burning, and do a PDF so we can share it online too :)

What You'll Do

The way I think it'll work is that there should be enough room for anyone who wants to submit something to get a page (or potentially more if really needed?). That could be whatever: a little essay, a collage, a drawing ...

We also talked about the idea of physical versions of flickgames that would take the form of a larger piece of paper that you unfold to navigate. Decky posted a good plan for making those work in the Discord, and I was also looking at this program called Laidout that makes it easy to play with real interesting designs. I might reach out to some GT-affiliated people who aren't actually showing anything too, depending on how many pages we fill.

There'll be a credits page/s in the zine, so everyone in the show should give me a name plus a website and social media link if they want (I'll also put a link to your GT profile).

There's now a sheet in the spreadsheet for zine details. Please check your details there:

Other Help

As I'm not in NYC I can't really organise the actual printing. It'd really help to:
  • Get an idea of cost before I do too much layout (so ASAP), including price options for number of pages, paper size, paper kinds, colour, etc. I'm picturing something the size of an A4 or letter sized page folded over. So each sheet would be four pages. Just staple sfor binding.
  • Is there some kinda BBCastles publication budget, or are we paying for this?
  • CD or DVD burning (which'll also require some paper pockets or something to attach them to the booklet).

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