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DIABLOW, the original version made in one hour for One Hour Game Jam. The theme was Brutal Roguelike Adventure.

Use the arrow keys to guide your explorer through the goblin cave. Find the exit (and some sweet, sweet loot) before you starve to death. Each stage is randomly-assorted, but has the same elements (loot, enemies, dungeon walls and obstacles). Food is generated the second time you enter, as well as every time after that, so you don't immediately starve to death.

Background music from the playonloop.com website. Sound FX from BFXR. All other stuff by me in Clickteam Fusion.

UPDATE: Game is now version 1.3:
- Added title screen, and there's now an instruction splash at the startup of each stage.
- Allows player to go back into the dungeon to earn more loot. Food is replenished a little bit, but finding food should still be a priority.
- Added more variety to the wall shapes, and added piles of stone as additional obstacles. Slight graphical improvement for obstacles.
- Player death isn't instant when they run out of food. Instead, they continually lose health. Health reaching 0 = end of game.
- Status message on the debriefing screen to hint to the player their level of accomplishment.
- Score penalty for dying in the dungeon is implemented, but there is no penalty if the player chooses to retire.


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Wow, you replicated the

Wow, you replicated the roguelike vibe amazingly within the time limit! I spent most of it struggling to implement grid-based movement and random level generation in The Games Factory.

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Fun With Development

Now I've added a title screen, background music, high score storage (for a single play session) and the ability to continue adventuring. If the player chooses to continue, health is restored a little bit, and a piece of food is generated on the level so the player doesn't starve.

Thinking of adding additional challenges, or a level cap or something. This is turning into a score-attack game. Very happy with development! 8D

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Maybe the levels should get

Maybe the levels should get more difficult as you go, with less gold to scavage (or more) and less satiating food.

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Options For Development

I'm thinking of sticking with this game for a while, and making improvements and various changes throughout the year. So what do you think?

PUSH YOUR LUCK: a level cap limit (like five trips into the dungeon), or the game ends only after a player has retired or died?

FOOD SUPPLY: one piece of food that replenishes a lot, or several smaller pieces of food that each restore a little bit?

REWARDS: better rich stuff the deeper in the dungeon the player goes, or stick with the standard haul?

ENVIRONMENT: Stick with the goblin cave, or create some other kind of lair(s) to plunder (giving the player a choice of which to visit)?

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I recently learned about how to easily apply a light-source effect into Clickteam Fusion, and I'll see if this game can benefit from it. I imagine that even a partially-hidden environment will make finding the exit much more difficult. The good news is that I can position a light source at the exit, so it's illuminated as soon as it makes it into the visible portion of the game frame. Additionally, I don't need to make everything else pitch black. So it's worth experimenting with.

I decided to go with three smaller food sources the player can collect, at least in the Goblin Caves (the current level).

Currently working on a tomb stage the player can investigate after finding a map item in the Goblin Cave. Creating all the artwork is slowing me down. If there's anyone reading this who wants to make pixel artwork for this title, please let me know.

I'd like to have this completed to a certain degree before I show it at a video game exhibition this coming mid-July. Maybe a third locale, like a woodland area or more-finished enemy fortress, with flying arrows, moving-and-resetting traps, and the like.

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I've released a stand-alone version of the current work in progress. If anyone's interested in having a go at it, and passing along some feedback, it would be greatly appreciated.