Pogo The Game

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2d platfomring game


itch.io version

game is updated here btw

Made For: 
An event


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I have played this game and

I have played this game and I can say authoritatively that it is pretty nice imo
the pogo is nice and the graphics are quite nice I think I also found it extremely difficult for some reason but there is a 90% chance I was doing it wrong
Also, I don't know what the point of the external music player was in practice, but I love that kinda shit

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The Radio

the radio was supposed to exist inside the original .exe.
I had trouble getting it to work correctly and engine limitations got the best of me.

I cut my losses and threw it into an external .exe, figured it would be cool anyway.

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I downloaded this game when

I downloaded this game when it was new and just got around to play it now. It's so hard, ouch!! I think it would be way easier for me if holding down space didn't block movement, or if the yellow and red specials weren't *so* fast that they require such minute timing differences to pull off correctly. From what I can see, the first level after the beginning is a lot easier by not punishing the player for any mistake, but I simply cannot get past these incredibly tight timing windows.

That said, I love the radio EXE you included. It plays well with a sort of meta format, and also the selection of songs is great.