The Citadel

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Welcome to The Citadel. We have many enjoyable recreational activities for you here. Please enjoy your stay.

Some Arrow Keys to move about.
A Mouse Button Oriented To The Left for the purpose of clicking some buttons.

This is a collaboration between me (Avery) and a good friend of mine (Wildcard). I introduced them to the wonders of KnP earlier last year and every single thing that came out from them experimenting was so amazing that I saw it urgent that we collaborated on creating a game together. A few months later and a bit of procrastinating later, and the result is this. This is easily the best thing I've ever helped create and it was a ton of fun doing it. I hope you love it just as much as I do.

wildcard and avery
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An event


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This is impressive!

This is impressive! I'm actually shocked I reached the [spectacular] end on my first playthrough, but I'll definitely be playing this again to see what I missed and try to perfect my quiz responses. The title screen on my computer differs slightly from your screenshot, possibly because I'm missing a font? Anyway, it says "pressé" for me. Cool!

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oh, the font thing is fine.

oh, the font thing is fine. its actually showing incorrectly for me and in the screenshot - side effect of installing the japanese locale pack for video games. i should note; there aren't multiple endings, am afraid. i kinda wish we could do that but the entire quiz is very much bodged together because neither of us knew how to do it any other way haha. thank you for the kind words!

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Played through it a second

Played through it a second time, it was worth it just for the few points at which the plot can diverge (which was all I was really expecting). Looking forward to more of your elaborate klik games (collaborations or otherwise) hopefully being posted in the future!

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thank!! tbh the elaborate

thank!! tbh the elaborate part of it is kind of what makes the development of these games so much slower, but i feel its worth it in the end even if its a short experience. its a lot funnier and more of a cohesive experience compared to my old klik making style which was quite literally "throw shit at the wall, see what sticks and then shout in all caps via flashing text" lmao

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