Recommendations for Babycaszine!

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Hi Wreckers!

For the zine that Blueberry Soft is organizing, I'm organizing a feature with recommendations! I'm thinking just five per person. This doesn't have to be a best or favorites kinda list, so take that as you will! It can be whatever five (other people's) games on this here trainwreckin' site you'd like people who pick up the zine to go and seek out. I'm collecting the lists here! Post them in the comments! I'll post my own shortly.

We probably can't do more than eight or twelve lists, so this'll be first come-first serve (if everyone wants in, we might have to rethink that!). Post your list of games AND the EXACT NAME you want to be credited with.

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Feature discussion/questions comments thread

If you have any questions or comments about this feature, post them in response to this! (I'm putting this here to keep any lists posted from getting lost in the other reponses).

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Wonderful idea! Five is a

Wonderful idea! Five is a good number. It might be good if lists generally avoided overlap, so I think I'll wait until there have been more submissions to put together some "deep cuts".

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Recommendations by John D. Moore

Virtual Stepfather, by Tyler Lolong and David Schultz
i will never forget you because you have made me the happiest dog on earth, by jacqueline
Cactus Block, by sylvie
Absolute Chaos Dog, by yuliy
You're a Cool Dinosaur!, by Danni

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mno's fast five picks

Dondgynns Auv Ye Wyrdd by mkapolk
Car Park Dream by Blueberry Soft
Mashkin Sees It Through by thecatamites
The Illogical Journey of the Zambonis by Noyb
Klik and Stacker by tininsteelian

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atuun's recommendations

Wolf, Goat, and Cabbage River Crossing Quest by xdonthave1xx
Le Sunset Salto by jan_strach
strawberry plane by ioshiin
A Boy and His Rhinoceros by qrleon
This Too Shall Pass by clyde

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I woke up thinking: damn, I

I woke up thinking: damn, I really should contacted Jan Strach about the BBCastles thing :(

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my game reqs

games not at event
sokosoko: a sokoban game, but more meta
bedtime adventure: a cute, but with nighttime routine
Dingos and Dungeons Game Night: board game, but good
Super Kaizo Pling 2: Kaizo Pling 3: pinball, but hard
Donkey Kong's Revenge: mystery visual novel, but with copyrighted characters

games at event
Mr. Gun: getting over it but with gun
garden: knytt stories, but abuses unintended mechanics
destroy your home: physics engine, but with a house
VG2: I haven't even played it but it sounds good
Birthday Simulator: slice of life text adventure, but it's your birthday

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my list

Skate8 (For Stranger) by ihavefivehat because it really lets you "fuck shit up and make things dope"

Run! You Fucker! by Hubol because the effects are so amazingggg

Learn 100 Words: One At A Time! by mno because I really did learn 100 words one at a time!

Passagebalt by Sergio Cornaga because combining two games always results in a better game.

Shit Snake by Draknek is the best game ever made and nobody can convince me otherwise.

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karens recommendations

nice idea :)
i like these ones
Donald Fuck by thecatamites
The Squite by mkapolka
gun knife sword wife by everythingstaken
slowdance-2h by mr. a

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hugs industries supreme de luxe games selection

fox by teknopants (
Fun Fun Fun by haaanski (
zine by clyde (
stanley melberg: accursed accountant by sergio (
❓by marek (

replaced happiest dog on earth with zine so as not to overlap with thesycophant