Hostile Interview

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You're close to landing the perfect job and the only thing standing between you and six-figure glory in one final interview. Maybe it's something else that's interview-related. Either way, you need to prepare for any and everything they can possibly throw at you. Web searches turn up little, and you're drawing a blank. What can you do when the interview is tomorrow?

Hostile Interview virtually puts you in the same room as a powerful CEO who is hangry and late for another thing that was scheduled on top of your interview, because who are you to dictate their schedule? Take a seat as This boss throws everything they can at you until you either break or emerge more confident in your ability to answer weird and challenging questions.

Hostile Interview is a non-serious game about answering awful or weird questions from an angry interviewer. I made this after realizing that people sometimes find it hard to take a step back and question themselves objectively.

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Nice Work!

At my day job, I help people get hired. They have to deal with stuff like this a lot more than the typical person might think.

The "OSHA loopholes" question brought a hearty chuckle...!

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i would love to beat him up!!!!