Windows version:

Welcome to the JIGGLY ZONE. Become JIGGLER and find the Medallions scattered Throughout the land. Experience a World of Treasures Like you have never Seen....

Joint work with Hubol. (twitter.com/hubol)

Download the Official Sound Track here: hubol.bandcamp.com/album/jiggly-zone-ost

Gallery/Babycastles Version: love-game.net/JIGGLYZONE_BABY.zip (last updated March 22, 2018, 5:53 PM EST)
This version contains some small changes to make things work more smoothly in a gallery-type setting.
If needed, additional changes can be made upon request (message @sylviefluff on Twitter or just post here).

  • The game defaults to fullscreen.
  • On the title screen, "New Game" is selected by default instead of "Load Game" (but players can continue where the previous person left off if they want!)
  • The options menu is opened by holding Ctrl+O for three seconds rather than just pressing O, so that players are less likely to find it and mess around with it.

sylvie & hubol
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"Join the mafia today, get a

"Join the mafia today, get a free pair of sunglasses"

Really good game

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BECAME THE ULTIMATE JIGGLER with just one item missing, right above the slot where the diamond goes. :/
Great game

Thanks! If you want to see

Thanks! If you want to see what that item is, if I'm not mistaken it's actually obtainable very early on without any powerups (it's in Emerald Forest ~ Eastern Grove).

Bug report

If you leave the trial room after collecting the sword, but before collecting the medallion fragment, the game bugs out and makes the fragment chest already opened, preventing you from collecting the fragment and by extension from completing the game.

Having said what I came here for, the game is excellent, even though it sorely lacks a map of some sorts.

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I Love Jiggler

I love this game. I had a lot of great moments of discovery and had a lot of fun playing. I was recommended to play from the site thatsnot.fun and from a friend. I love the way the tiles and the spikes look, and how much charm the game has everywhere. And the movement and level design are very well done - I feel like people could learn from that. My only complaint is the pacing slowed down and was a bit dull towards the end for me. Thanks for making!

Btw if you want to watch my playthrough, it's in the videos section of my Twitch channel of my same username here, at least for a few weeks. Not advertising my channel, just thought there was a chance you'd be interested.

This game

Is a very good game.

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Invisible blocks??

Some update or other seems to have introduced some odd invisible blocks in random places that are impassable even as a ghost:

And now the game appears to be impossible, since this door is blocked

What's happening here is the

What's happening here is the medallion altar in JIGGLY Town is appearing in other rooms, and is invisible for some reason. I don't know why since the code only places it in the one room that it's supposed to appear in.

Are you playing the web or Windows version? If you are playing the Windows version, can you send me some data as follows? Go to C:\Users\[your user name]\AppData\Local\jiggly, zip up the contents of that folder and send it to me.

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Here you go:

I can't replicate the glitch

I can't replicate the glitch even with this save file, using the newest version of the game downloaded from love-game.net/JIGGLYZONE.zip. If redownloading the game does not fix it, perhaps it is computer-dependent. If that's the case, I'm not sure if I can fix this - I looked over the code and I don't understand how this issue could happen.

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Oh, I was using a version

Oh, turns out I was using a version from some time in March 2018. Sorry for the commotion.