1hgj - Simple Lockpicker

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SIMPLE LOCKPICKER, for the One Hour Game Jam. The theme this time was Theft.

I tried to recreate the lockpicking mechanism from what I remembered of the old-skool NES game AD&D: Hillsfar. Use your mouse to move your lockpick back and forth to touch the tumblers. Raise and lower tension in the lock with the Z and X keys. When all tumblers say OK, you've opened the lock.

I overreached with this one... But it's a good start for something done in an hour.

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cool idea

i love the stuff that recreates classic games

but what's stopping you from just holding down Z?

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Nothing. Yet. :) I need to

Nothing. Yet. :)

I need to set a "break" threshold on the tension increase. Didn't have time to do that within the time limit, and I was hoping I could submit it in enough time so they'd have a chance to play it on their Twitch channel. Just a side-effect of being in a one-hour game jam, I reckon.

I'll come back to this idea in some time and add more stuff to it, including fine-tuning these mechanics. I don't think there's much challenge at all at this point, although you earn a higher score by hitting the tumblers one at a time instead of the tension hack.