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Here's my kewl playable flier for the eventy

Made For: 
An event


Excellent Visuals

I liked seeing the picture-in-picture of the other playspace, with GT on one and Babycastles on the other. And the sound effects are just totally wacked-out...!

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:B thanks to karen and quasi

:B thanks to karen and quasi 'cause i stole the picture-in-picture idea from "li went to flounda's..." stranger demanded the "bah" sound although it's not quite as he wanted it lol

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great.. love the music, love

great.. love the music, love to turn my head upside down

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Landscape (With Grass)

sort of a callback to your coincident spaces! neat. seems like you used doodle studio 95? yeah i bet you're having heaps of fun with it !

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I really have to force

I really have to force myself to give ad-games a chance at an honest read; I think this may be a residual effect of thinking that the intention behind the piece is the only thing worth examining rather than the method and materials. But I did; I stuck around and thought about it some.
The biggest difference I see behind the use of live-streaming balls here and in Flounda is that they act as a connection between either places or times here. In Flounda, the live-stream balls act as more of a framework or interface. I suppose one could argue that an interface or screen IS a connection between places or times, but they feel different. In SECRET FLIER MILES the two places/spaces feel equivalent, whereas in Flounda, one area feels like the prioritized content of the piece and the other just feels like a way to see it.
I have two main interpretations of what is happening in the piece, depending on whether or not I see this as the same place at different times, or if I see this as two different spaces at the same time. In the first instance, I think this is a representation of the BabyCastles basement itself. I think the shared checkerboard wallpaper supports this perspective. At one time, folks are busily getting ready for the event, at the other they are consuming video games. I see the MarioKart rainbow font as a signal that the "video games" are in that particular place/space. The choice of dancing burgers and fries is particularly interesting to me. In this read, I see the burgers and fries as a way to suggest a particular tone of the event, it's like an urban commoner's celebration circa early 21st century.
The other way I think of the piece is when the division is between places. Since distance in space has been something I've thought a lot about during the actual event and its planning, I'm biased toward interpreting the divide that way. Also, one space is labelled "Glorious Trainwrecks" and the other "BabyCastles" so this supports the space-read pretty well (though it is worthwhile to consider what those labels do when thinking about this as a division of time). In this case, the live-stream balls feel like the peep-holes of Twitter-threads, discord channels, and walk-throughs on Youtube through which many of the GT folks witness the event.

There is another game that this reminds me a lot of and I wanted to replay it so I could see if it was relevant. It was a Unity room with checkered walls that undulate in and out a little bit and there was red light seeping in around them. If anyone knows what it is please comment.
edit: lumpen found it In Your Little Box
After playing this I'm thinking of the checker-pattern as a symbol of potential games.