1hgj - Turbo Grid

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TURBO GRID, a game made in one hour for the One Hour Game Jam. The theme for this one was Walls.

Use the arrow keys to move your space ship. Collect the Green Grids and the Globes to earn points. Avoid the moving WALLS. Things can start moving pretty fast if you have quick fingers. :)

Features sound effects made with BFXR, and background music from the playonloop.com website.

UPDATE: Game is now v1.1 and features a David Lynch-inspired title screen 'cause I wanted to give that a try.


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Any reason why this one

Any reason why this one isn't on onehourgamejam.com? I think it allows late submissions...

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It Is Now

Long story short, the house lost Internet access for a bit and I thought, "It would be better to reset the router tomorrow, I'm going to bed."

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You say to avoid the walls,

You say to avoid the walls, but crashing into them seemed to make globes appear, which would increase my score… sometimes? Maybe if I play more I'll figure it out.

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How They Work

Happy to see someone is playing this! I'm pretty happy with it. :)

Here's the scoring system:
- You earn 1 point for collecting a Grid, and add 1 point to your score bonus.
- After you collect your first Grid, you earn 1 point plus your current score bonus.
- If you touch a Wall, your score bonus resets.
- If the player touches a Wall, they are destroyed and a Globe is spawned.
- If a player touches a Globe, they earn 10 points, multiplied by their score bonus (even if their current score bonus is 0).

So how do you earn a lot of points?
- Spawn a Globe, then don't collect it until you've collected more Grids: the more, the better. But be careful! As soon as you are destroyed, your score bonus resets (which subsequently reduces the value of your Globes).

It's just a little press-your-luck scoring system I wanted to try out. Not bad for an hour's worth of work, I guess.