1hgj - Falling

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FALLING, a game made for the One Hour Game Jam. The theme this time was Fall.

Use your ARROW KEYS or gamepad to move around. Collect the gems and land your skydiver on the target. If you don't land on the target, you explode. If you do land on the target (and this should be abundantly clear, now that I've had a little time to fix a couple things), you double your current score.

Try to beat your high score. ENJOY!

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An event


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I think the perspective is

I think the perspective is so cool. Like obviously the object in the background is the ground (I didn't realize this for a while), but it doesn't look like you're falling towards it. The gems don't look like they fall towards the earth, and it makes it seem kinda like the ground simultaneously acts as a "progress bar" and a point of reference since it has a fixed origin on the screen, rather than an actual physical representation of where the ground is (unless we're in some sort of non-euclidean space). idk, I think that's way cooler than just falling toward the ground normally.

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Two Dimensions

Thanks for playing it, and for the feedback. :)

The "punchline" is definitely when the player understands where the ground is. The initial game of "catch the gems" is just the build up to it.

I would have added in clouds, birds flying by, multiple rotation directions, and things like that if it was a Two Hour Game Jam, but I suppose this will have to do. :)

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My first two playthroughs, I

My first two playthroughs, I ended up going so far away from the island that I didn't even know there was a target.

Also, even if you do land on the target, you still violently explode. Is this intentional?

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Visual/Audio Cues

Seems like I need to add some more feedback that lets people know they did a good thing by landing on the island. I'll fix this in an update.

EDIT: Fixed. (?) Took longer than expected to make it work properly...