Simple Block Observing Game


Two very different species struggle to get along in an environment with limited resources. Will the warehouse keeper ever allow the crates to get where they need to be?

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It was curiously entertaining to watch. After a while I switched to a different tab in my browser just so I could hear the rhythmic clicking of the crates moving around. Whenever there was a break in the sound, I would switch back to see if they had all found their proper place.

Made it up to the level with three crate targets in a horizontal row. The game seems unable to work that one out for some reason. "So close...!" "Aw man, you're almost there!" I found myself cheering on the crates.

It's a non-violent arena match. :)

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This was a chaotic

This was a chaotic experience, while somehow also surprisingly soothing.

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Had Massive Attack's Karmacoma going on and it worked so well with this. Love this so much. I also really appreciate the banner image and your second tag. xx

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All the fun of thinking

All the fun of thinking really hard about how to solve a puzzle without any of the frustration of having to do it yourself!