Preserving Ikiki's games

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Ikiki was a super talented and absurdly prolific Japanese indie developer from the mid-2000s -> early 2010s. They made games like Ninjikun and Hakaiman (the later of which was a huge influence on Hotline Miami). All of their games are pretty fantastic. I was just made aware that their website has gone down and their games are becoming hard to find. I have a bunch of their games on my hard drive so I figured I'd upload them here.

Edit: Someone on Twitter uploaded a better-organized archive with more games, so I've replaced my original upload with theirs!

Note: I downloaded this compilation ~2012, so they probably have newer games which are not included.

This YouTube account also has a bunch of game play videos, which is cool.

It's definitely worth making sure these games don't disappear! And if you haven't played any of their games please download the archive, it's worth checking them out.

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Ikiki's still around and

Ikiki's still around and making games! Their latest site is:

They even have a Tumblr with fanart and WIP GIFs:

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wow thanks, I had no idea!

wow thanks, I had no idea!

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Ikiki is a hero.

Ikiki is a hero.

Thank you!

I read online about how influential these games were towards Hotline Miami and while there are so many articles about the games themselves they get harder and harder to find so thank you for putting them up here!