Random Access Rememberer

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Made for 7 Day Unlucky Jam (Theme: LUCK BASED GAME) & One Hour Game Jam #155 (Theme: Random Access Memory)
To play, press Spacebar (purposeful) or F2 (fun)

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"eating on my birthday"

Was slightly disappointed to realize "taking out the trash... at night" wasn't a thing. Fun though.

"feeling sad at my computer"

"feeling sick for no reason"

"watching tv at work"

"playing games on Christmas"

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I remember doing all of

I remember doing all of those things. When I inevitably compile this game into 1HGJ Vol. 2: Electric Boogaloo, maybe I'll add "taking out the trash", just for you.

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"Talking for no reason" The

"Talking for no reason"
The most relatable of all time.

I Love These

Combining random phrases together to see what comes of it is always (at least mildly) amusing, almost always absurd. I also like the fact that they can sometimes inspired someone to go out and do something. By manufacturing artificial memories, it inspires someone to create authentic ones.

Or it will legitimately trigger a random memory and you'll find yourself saying something like, "Oh yeah, I remember: I did that one time...!" Then you might be thinking to yourself things like, "Oh, I wonder where they are now," or "I still have a postcard/refrigerator magnet/scar/seashell from there..."