Biden My Time: A Joe Biden Garfield Reading Adventure

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joe just wants to read his garfs!!! give him what he wants

takes about five minutes to beat the main quest, then continue on in the "procedurally" "generated" "sandbox mode". Requires a stable internet connection to run properly.

"this is really polished but I don't understand why you made it" -our playtesters

We Need Bees
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An event


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me and my friend and

me and my friend and co-conspirator John made this game and i thought, "this deserves to be here"

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This is hilarious and has an

This is hilarious and has an amazing degree of worldbuilding that I would not have expected. You know times are tough when even Diamond Joe is still rocking a CRT monitor.

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Wonderful example of a

Wonderful example of a bizarre idea polished to an absurd degree.

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It looks great and it is a

It looks great and it is a funny riff on the celebrities, but I have a hard time figuring out whether or not I can enjoy art that humanizes war-criminals.