Vegetable Grower 2

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Finally, after waiting so long... It's arrived! The long awaited sequel to VG- that is, VG2! That is, Vegetable Grower 2!! Thank you very much for donations of $(D_AMT) and other support over the years, as otherwise we (ArfBark Group) wouldn't be able to have done it.

Vegetable Grower 2 picks off right where Vegetable Grower Part 1 left off- So to speak, after following Blu's guidance in the greenhouse, you have been chosen to let loose your awesome knowledge abilities in a real, true environment- The farm plains of your home city, $(P_CITY). Wonderful!!

However, you can't do it alone: As such, you will have the option of one of $(N_SPONSORS) possible player guides to pick from based off of famous, living, real gardeners. Some of them will require proven prowess to impress them enough before you can use them. Figure it out! Learn! Act!! Either way, no matter who you choose, the possibilities are without any limit...

Each actor comes with their own special implement, but there is a large selection of mowing devices available, representing the many moods of a vegetable grower. You will witness before your very hands the life cycle we depend on on a daily basis. Start with some cute Grass, mow it to Dirt, bring Water, create farm Acres, grow your Plants, and most importantly, produce Food!

Can YOU complete every Acre in the field?? Find out with Vegetable Grower 2... Welcome to the world! Of course, for detailed information and answers to any confusion or questions, please consume the README $(S_TYPE) file included with the program. Thank you, and please eat your greens!

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Wow, this game certainly

Wow, this game certainly is.
I consider myself one of the most valuable gardeners of all time.
What an experience.

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see attached

see attached

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commenting for clarity

I realize I left it too open, but this is a parody of the "real" VG2, if you heard about that. It was meant to be an April Fools joke but I was late...

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I got 67729. I think that's

I got 67729. I think that's a good score?

The ending screen was entertaining to watch!

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Congrats on the score! See

Congrats on the score! See the image I replied to an earlier comment with.

I had a lot of fun making the ending screen, too :)

Ignorant Accomplishment

I loved everything about this. :)

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I am glad to hear it!!

I am glad to hear it!!

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that is all i have to say

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thank u!!!

thank u!!!

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I'm concerned that I may be

I'm concerned that I may be losing progress when I hold 'esc' to quit the game. I've used all the tools and all three characters (which are initially available). I have no idea how to unlock the astronaut.
My favorite tool is the well.

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The game doesn't keep track

The game doesn't keep track of progress like that. You can finish it with any character and there is no difference in outcomes. There's actually no way to unlock the extra characters, it's a joke idea I had for a different, unfinished game that I decided to do here instead! It's probably for the best I didn't keep that idea for a much bigger game, since I kind of regret mis-conveying the possibility of actually unlocking anything.

The well is probably the most surprisingly powerful tool :)