Three Great Minds LOCK HORNS in a battle of logic and high quality INTELLIGENCE

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Three assholes get together to debate the big important issues of the day, while thought-provoking images scroll past

(All text is generated by algorithm, I'm not accountable for what they say)

EDIT: A bit of extra detail on this game: this game is taking the piss out of the alt-right, and their tendency to act like they're "logical" and their constant demands to "debate". The joke is that the AIs in this game just speak nonsensical crap, just like the people it's satirising. When you hit escape everyone explodes and the game quits. I made this game because I was disturbed by a lot of these people becoming famous and being taken more seriously by the press.

I felt like adding this extra detail cause it's not clear who it's targeting until you play it to the end.

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Proper Download?

I've not been able to have this start working yet. Is this for a specific OS?

I'm using Windows 10. Will the program run on it?

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As soon as you said that I

As soon as you said that I knew what I'd done wrong. It should work now.