1hgj - Shmlashing Shplanets

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SHMLASHING SHPLANETS, a game made for the One Hour Game Jam. The theme was Combine two incompatible game genres. Well, this is a combination, all right.

The goal is to smash all the planets. When you control one, collide it with a matching colour, and one of them is smashed. If you smash all of them, you earn a score bonus.

ARROW KEYS: Move your ship or an activated planet
Z KEY: Cycle the different colours of projectile. The edge of the screen will show your current colour.
X KEY: Shoot a bullet.

Enjoy! A friend of mine described it as, "You know, it's like that one Star Trek: TNG episode where they were fighting the Borg, and to make it past their shields they had to keep shifting the frequency of the phasers." Never saw much Star Trek, but I know enough about it and this game to pretty much agree with what he said.

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This was also the theme for

This was also the theme for Ludum Dare if you feel like submitting there too!

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Thanks for the heads-up!

Not what I expected for my LD debut, but hey, at least the game is finished. :)