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Game File: 

50 executables with 1 level each containing a number built in that level
and also other set differences like player size, jump height and colour palette.

There are no goals just seeing what possible outcomes there can be.

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An event


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This is a nifty little

This is a nifty little experiment. Were the set differences intentionally customized for each level or were those randomized too?

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They were randomized. I

They were randomized. I don't trust myself to customize set differences to produce lots of variety :).

Thanks for playing

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polar bear

using rot13.com:

BZT! Jura V tbg gb 18, V jnf tvira ubcr, yvxr znlor V pna rfpncr? Ohg gura gung jnf dhvpxyl qnfurq jura V ernyvmrq V pbhyqa'g whzc gung uvtu. Gura 14 pnzr naq vg frrzrq n yvggyr zber cbffvoyr, ohg... abcr. Naq gura 29 pnzr, naq... jryy, nf vg gheaf bhg, lbh whfg snyy bss gur fperra naq gung'f vg. YBY. Vg jnf obgu shaal naq qrcerffvat ng gur fnzr gvzr... V qba'g xabj jung V rkcrpgrq. Vg jnf cresrpg, gubhtu.

V ernyyl rawblrq bcravat nyy 50 sbe fbzr jrveq ernfba. Gunaxf.

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Gunaxf sbe cynlvat

Also using rot13.com:

Gunaxf sbe cynlvat Vz tynq lbh rawblrq vg :Q. Naq gunaxf sbe funevat gur fgbel bs lbhe rkcrevrapr V nccerpvngr vg.


While playing the different stages, I couldn't help but think of the first time I played Super Mario Brothers 2 and learning how the different characters were configured to jump and behave differently.

Hopefully you can use these as "test beds" for future game projects, and customize the character's behaviour based on how you want the player to feel. Maybe you could come up with your own SMB2 tribute or spiritual successor...

This was very interesting! Thanks for sharing it. :)

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thanks for playing

I don't really know whether I will use these as test beds in the future. I probably won't but i could be fun to choose a random one and decide that I have to use the way that character is when I make a game in the future.
And also since games like SMB2 are not really the kinds of games I make I probably won't be making anything like a tribute for it in the near future. sorry.

In the end I'm just glad I could give you an interesting experience ;)

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Running through these was

Running through these was cute. Nice palettes!!

I once started a project with the plan to split each level into individual exes but I wasn't able to pull it off. This is a good approach though. I like things that give you too many options at once to prevent you from easily going through in a predetermined order, like an unordered mixtape.

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shaders and palettes are a good mix

thanks for trying it out. I also put the letters in front of the numbers on the executable making harder to order them alphabetically making even more difficult to work in a specific order.

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Yeah, I really liked that!

Yeah, I really liked that! It was fun to read all the goofy syllables they made, and it's a pretty clever way to come up with a new order :)