A dishonest puzzler

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A "puzzle" game based around trial and error and being unfair and unintuitive. There could be an invisible button you have to press, a wall that is fake and lets you pass through it or a glitch you have to find that lets you fall through the floor. You wont know if any of these are the right answer until you try them.

I used art that I made 6 months ago so i'm sorry for the quality but I couldn't be bothered making new art.

If the game lags or is running slow try to use the shaderless version. if not don't play the shaderless version because that's not the intended experience.

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An event


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Oof! I made it on top of the

Oof! I made it on top of the floating dirt platform in the first level, but any further seems to be beyond me.

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well thanks for trying. I

well thanks for trying. I don't expect people to get too far into it.

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Yeah, I got as far as Sergio

Yeah, I got as far as Sergio did. Anything else is beyond me.

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thanks for playing

thanks for playing Im sorry to hear you couldn't get too far.

I completed the game....

I completed the game.... I wonder if I am the first person other than the designer. I almost gave up a few times on the later levels because I was getting more and more tired of the trial and error as the game went on.

I thought about making a game like this once, but never got around to it, so it was interesting to play someone else's.

I wrote a "walkthrough" but I don't know if I should post it and reveal all the mysteries....