Rum V: Attack of the Killer Freaks 3D

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Made at the end of march, the fifth game in the rum series. This time, the rum island got invaded by the killer freaks. You gotta kick their ass, because they cause trouble. Get your electric gun and shoot them all in the face. This is an exploration kind of game because you don't have to kill them all, you need to find a stolen crystal and retreive it back to the big crystal to win, but i really recommend to walk around and to shoot them. do not forget to save during the game, if you die , the game ends. Enjoy

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Back on GT? >:)

Here's the obligatory comment from me!

Great 3D game, the blackness of the world actually gives it eerie, dreamy feeling...

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Made it to stage 3, and hoping to eventually beat it (if that's possible).

You faithfully created an almost-direct 3D translation of the world found in the first two installments in the series...I'm impressed!

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Fourth game too,

Fourth game too, Thanks for playing!