Flickgame: Really, You Are Important

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REALLY, YOU ARE IMPORTANT. A flickgame inspired by the Random Creative Idea Generator (among other things), within a few spare minutes spread over a few lunch hours and an evening.

Explore the environment.
LEFT MOUSE BUTTON allows you to change the scene when indicated by your "pointing finger" cursor.


Made For: 
An event


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Lovely art!!

Lovely art!!

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Thank You.

Thanks. I had fun making it.

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Very gorgeous and functional

Very gorgeous and functional flickgame! I liked that my destination was not what I expected on either path.

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Weird Ending

Yeah, since I was relying on the Random Creative Idea Generator for inspiration, it ended up at a strange place. But that's okay, I think. :)

Happy to hear you like the art as well...!

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It's not where I ended up,

It's not where I ended up, but how I got there.

The art of the paths is so thick, chunky, and beautiful.

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Thanks for the compliment. :D

I had a blast making the artwork. It was very soothing. While making it, I felt like I was simply filling in colours for what was already there, like diddling away with an adult colouring book. I had some strong imagery come to mind while making this. I took the time to map things out on a small card for reference until I finished it. This was helpful since the creation process was spread out over a few days.

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woah. this is the coolest flickgame i have ever seen. speechless

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Flickgame Tag

Happy to hear you've enjoyed it so much. :)

There are many others you would likely be impressed with, right here at GT. :)