1hgj - Nobody Likes You

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NOBODY LIKES YOU, a game originally made for the One Hour Game Jam. The theme was Danger Zone.

You are a clown, trying to make a living. Collect the coins as they appear, but avoid the flags and the atoms they launch at you. To stay safe, you can hide in your Base at the center. Now updated to version 1.1, with an improved interface, background music, and a true Escape from New York vibe. This is one badass clown.


Made For: 
An event


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It's like if the walkers

It's like if the walkers from Chip's Challenge and the rockets from N staged an intervention.

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Working as a clown during

Working as a clown during thermonuclear political games, is this the not too distant future? or how my grandparents met?

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Omg, great klipart choices!

Omg, great klipart choices! I've never seen any of these in use before, I think!

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I'm grateful to hear you all are digging it. :)

I had finished something in time for the deadline, but I'm glad I went back in earlier today to touch up a few things. It's a solid old-skool arcade game, in my opinion. And yeah, the art choices (all Clickteam clip art, yes) were a bit strange but I think the overall effect of the combination is pretty cool. It lets the player try to develop a story behind it, making the game more than it objectively is.

Never been much of a deliberately metaphorical game-maker, but I fear I may be dabbling in it these days. :)

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I like how the choices of

I like how the choices of imagery is at once so outlandish but also so realistic that the different interpretations can arise seem to immediately want to wrestle with each other.

Personally, I think the clown is gathering donations to fund their nuclear arms disarmament shelter.

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I think of the clown as a

I think of the clown as a globe-trotting troubadour, a world-citizen trying to make people laugh while making a buck and inevitably getting irradiated by the war-politics it would be preferable to not even think about.

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how the heck do you come up

how the heck do you come up with these analogies and metaphors. I find them both poetic and comedic and they make me happy

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Sometimes I just look at the

Sometimes I just look at the symbols and their relationships and freely extrapolate based off of the things I associate with those symbols and relationships.
I'm glad you enjoy them in more than one way!

If you want to learn how to do it, there are all sorts of exercises I could recommend. Surrealist games, dream-interpretation, and Tarot are some of my favorites. Also you can watch philosophy videos on art-appreciation, aesthetics, and semiotics.

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Critical analysis (even in

Critical analysis (even in very silly ways) is something that's taken me years to really do. It just takes a lot of experience (both in trying to apply critical thought, and in having a broader view of the kinds of interpretations that are possible), but it's pretty simple to pick up if you just like reading a lot, and idly thinking about anything.

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I feel like the

I feel like the oversaturated colors give the game an anxious vibe. At some point I got lost in the endless void, doomed to die in the blackness of uprogrammed spooky bits. This was an enjoyable arcade experience, and I found myself wanting to play it again and again until my calculus teacher caught me. Thanks a lot.