A game made while procrastinating on another game

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I made this short game because I mostly wanted to just mess around with some sprites I made a long time ago, and a world & characters I made a long time ago, just to prove I could. Might use these sprites somewhere else too cause I like them

Oh, and some music I made a long time ago, too. Basically I just wanted to throw some homeless stuff together and see what the outcome was.

Z: jump
C: action (go to area on map)
Arrow keys: move
M: mute

There's 7 tokens dotted around this (small) world, see if you can nab them

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Right On

So that's where your icon image is from! I was wondering.

The colour palette you work with for this game seems well-composed. The look is connected and it all creates a specific world that seems interesting and full of individual lives. The dialogue you choose to use was a nice touch that also communicated this. Character illustrations were distinct and believable.

I also think this works well as a companion piece to your Volcano Island game, with the similar mechanics of the "overworld map" and individual locations you visit.

Whatever you're working on next, I hope you share it! This and the other projects of yours are impressive. Well done! :)

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Thank you! And I'm glad you

Thank you! And I'm glad you recognised the character from my avatar. It's a character I came up with ages ago, and I couldn't think up a game for her at first, thinking she'd be good as just a general "avatar" character who could appear in a lot of games, like Mario. Eventually I made up a world and setting for her, and tinkered around with some miscellaneous ideas, but never finished it (and since I mentioned it, I should probably link it, too: https://thewaether.itch.io/top-secret-neon-pink-planet)

And once again, thanks! I'm glad you felt the world was believable. I wanna strive for that kind of thing. And yeah, now you mention it, it works as a companion piece for Volcano Island, too :)

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I love the artwork, it's

I love the artwork, it's very cartoony.

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Thank you!

Thank you!