Kitty Block's!



sylvie & hubol
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Cat Schemes

I imagine this as a room with all sorts of items sitting on the shelves, and when you activate the kitty it's trying to knock everything onto the floor. This is cute!

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This game reminds me of when

This game reminds me of when I was a little kid. I used to download all these ds shovelware games, and they would entertain me for hours with garish colors and weird aesthetics. I don't remember any of them in particular, they just kind of formed one big clump of nostalgia in the back of my brain. Kitty Block's gave me that feeling of nostalgic confusion.

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Has some kind of...

Has some kind of... post-apocalyptic? feel to it. Like there was once some grand platformer where all the hype was placed on its level editor, but the people who played it didn't know how to place items or exits, then the platformer and the company who manufactured it were wiped out, and all that remains is a simple fan-created level editor with a debug character.

It reminds me of games like N where the aesthetic is irrefutably as important as the gameplay.

On second thought, most of these levels as they are could reasonably belong on some mix between a side-scrolling fighter and a top-down fighter. All that would need to be clarified is the actual "solidity" of the tiles.

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Only 6 levels so far. I hope that eventually I can fill up the entire gallery.
Or maybe there could be an entire GT-made gallery.

Thanks for making some

Thanks for making some levels! Can I share them on my Twitter? Do you have a twitter @-handle I can mention?

I would love to see a whole new gallery of custom levels, but I don't know if there's enough interest.....

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Feel free to share them, I

Feel free to share them, I don't have a twitter handle but you can just credit me by ncrecc