1hgj - Cookie Wizard

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COOKIE WIZARD, made for the One Hour Game Jam. The theme was MAGIC.

Use the ARROW KEYS to guide the Cookie Wizard's magical energies to the enormous cookie on the other side of the dungeon. The faster you do it, the more points you will earn! Adding SUGAR or BUTTER to your cookie will make it even tastier (and you'll earn more points).

Playable in nearly any browser. Enjoy!

Event coding and some graphics by me. Background graphics, background music, and wizard sprite by Clickteam. Victory sound from Centipede (Atari, 1982).

PS: Sorry this does not include Spindley Q. Wizard. I've been sick.

Made For: 
An event


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i honestly have no idea what

i honestly have no idea what exactly i just played

However, I got a decent score I think...?

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As long as you ate a cookie or two, then it's all good.

That's a fine score, for sure. :)