Night Train

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I remade Snake, but put it in the dark. Here's what I came up with in a couple hours.

Guide your trackless train through the underground. Passengers will need to be picked up, and doing so will earn you points. As you pick up more passengers, your train will have train cars added to it so you can carry more. Naturally, you don't want to run into your own train, and you don't want to run into the explosive barrels that suddenly appear, either.

ARROW KEYS: direct your train. Once you're moving, you cannot slow down or stop.
ENTER: Start the game.
ESCAPE: Stop and/or Exit the game.

Playable in Windows. Enjoy!

Most artwork by me.
The passenger is the "Kung Fu Guy" sprite by Clickteam.
Sound effects by me in bfxr.
Background music is "Collidescope" by DST/Deceased Superior Technician, and found at the website.

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An event