Crawl Into A Hole!

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- 11 holes to crawl into!
- Each hole has been pre-filled with some objects, find the hole you like best

Made For: 
An event


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I love how this plays with

I love how this plays with expectations for purely visual punchlines. Also, how's it feel making a successor to Atari E.T.?

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That was a sufficiently wide

That was a sufficiently wide variety of hole furnishings!

Not working?

I couldn't get this to run. Still, the black screen was like being in a hole, so maybe that's the whole experience.

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I think it wouldn't work

I think it wouldn't work until I extracted it, or only worked the second time I ran it, or something like that?

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Been looking into this. All

Been looking into this. All my old games use blitz 3D and it seems something called "directplay" is responsible. I found this guide on how to open it

Despite the fact they go into great detail on how to open the control panel from the command line (?) They DON'T tell you that you find directplay in the category marked "Legacy Features". Anyway make sure it's switched to on


The option to enable legacy features isn't on Win 7, apparently. I found a forum where some dev claimed it was "already available" on Win 7, and could be optionally activated on Win 8/10, but there's a lot more forums where Win 7 users were unable to find it or install it correctly.