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The site previously deleted everything I wrote last time I tried to upload this, to let me summarize:

A Knytt Stories level made by Fubaka and xZilas

This level is about finding secrets in an otherwise-straightforward level. That's all you need to know to play. In the likely case you may need more information:

There are 4 sections each, one for each color. You switch in between each section as you talk to the character at the beginning. Each section has a key, and a machine that needs to be switched off. There may be audio cues to help you. This is probably an exercise in patience and, ultimately, futility. Good luck!

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This seems interesting, but

This seems interesting, but after getting the double-jump, my attempts at probing for secrets seem to be doing more harm than good!
Wallswim left from x1007y1000
Voidscreen up from x1010y1001
Wallswim when warping down from x1010y1002 - feels like it's intended?
Voidscreen up from x1011y1022
Seems like I'm eternally stuck after "turning off" (it never actually stays off) the machine at x1003y1023
Voidscreen to the right of x1009y1021 with climb, doublejump and umbrella
You can just get the yellow key by parkouring around with climb, doublejump and umbrella in x999y1010

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Exactly what I anticipated, a bit of flag-based variability with minimal playtest time and an emphasis on exploration and "probing for secrets" just breeds exploits!! ;)
Some of those issues arose from fixing other issues, like the stuck spot after turning off the machine. Welcome to life. Let me just fix all that real quick... aaaand it's fixed.

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Strange, but stellar! I got

Strange, but stellar! I got the good ending but something about it didn't convince me it was really the good ending! Also, in the same playthrough, the machine in section 3 was turned off when I found it, and I think I missed the one in section 4. Could there be some unintended flag reuse, perhaps?