Sergio Cornaga • Gliperal - An Impeccable Cat Hunt


This is the level created by Sergio Cornaga and Gliperal for Knytt Swapsies II. Sergio made the outdoors area, the house interior, and the basic mechanics, and I made the cave screens and secret areas. Because of the nature of what I attempted to create, this level ended up being quite monstrous in scope. As it stands, there are:

15467 lines in World.ini (that's more than Saving Thalanill, Cosmic Meltdown, and Cursed Gallery COMBINED)
46:1 screens to unique screens ratio (with 1114 screens, 24 of which are unique)
All done in 2 weeks (Sergio made his part super fast, so it still counts, right? :D)

As such, I definitely do not expect this thing to be bug free. I wanted to get it out in time for Swapsies, but I'll continue to tweak and amend the level. Update: the level has been tweaked and amended.

That's all for now. Enjoy!

Sergio Cornaga & Gliperal
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Woah the key thing is amazing

Woah the key thing is amazing

EDIT: no wait the part where he smashes up your house is better

EDIT EDIT: Voidscreen if you go left from here with your cat without clearing the key blocks, it might also do this if you exit while carrying a key

EDIT EDIT EDIT: I can't seem to ctrl+r during the "lost your cat" cutscene, it would be nice to be able to do that while... also the smashing your house sfx should probably be music and not a sound so it doesn't kick in if you Game>Restart from last save point during the cutscene

EDIT EDIT EDIT EDIT: Maybe an alt cutscene for setting your cat down in and since there's no spiky rocks there?

EDIT EDIT EDIT EDIT EDIT: Voidscreen if double-jumping up from (spoilers) as well as every screen to the left of here (spoilers)

EDIT EDIT EDIT EDIT EDIT EDIT: The "Bad Ending x/4" is covered up on some cutscenes by the "OK" button

Wow, you're pretty thorough.

Wow, you're pretty thorough. I didn't even think about a lot of those things.

The void screens should be easy fixes, except for maybe that first one...

I agree that not being able to Ctrl+R in the cutscene is pretty dumb, but I think that's more of a glitch with KS+, since it only happens during the ShiftHide portion (you can still Ctrl+R in later parts of that cutscene). I'm not sure if there's any good way to fix that, since ShiftHide is kind of mandatory to make things flow so smoothly. Also I didn't know about that sound-persisting-after-death thing. That is pretty silly, though, and yeah it should just be music.

I did notice the "bad ending x/4" bug, but was too lazy to edit all the images. I'll definitely fix that in later versions.

Thanks for all the feedback!

I don't think I've played a

I don't think I've played a Knytt Story in many years, but I decided to try this because I like cats.

The kitty was very cute and I didn't know things like the carrying animation were possible in Knytt Stories. The "normal ending" was fun and had some surprisingly precise jumps.

The secret area frustrated me a bit. The puzzles were clever, but even after figuring them out, it was easy to mess up by missing a jump or something similar. I think this wouldn't bother me that much normally, but the "bad endings" felt very accusatory and made me feel sad because I loved the kitty and didn't want to hurt it. The final puzzle was both the most interesting and the most frustrating. I found it strange that it was necessary to temporarily abandon the cat for that puzzle, even though that lead to a bad ending in the other puzzles, and some of the objects seemed to work inconsistently (for example, it seemed like I couldn't always place the cat on the bed).

Still, I enjoyed playing it. I don't know anything about how to make Knytt Stories levels, but it sounds like the carrying system was quite a technical feat!