1hgj - Speedy Car

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This is SPEEDY CAR, made for the One Hour Game Jam #165. The theme was One Object. The first thing that came to mind was a racing car, so I decided to follow that inspiration. I did this in less than an hour.

The object is to earn points by staying on the track and moving as fast as possible. If you go off the screen, the game is over. It's kind of dexterity, endurance, and push-your-luck combined into a retro-farty package. It was a fun experiment.

UP ARROW: Accelerate. The more laps you complete, the faster you can go.
LEFT/RIGHT ARROW: Steer your car.

You cannot go in reverse. Do your best to make a high score. My personal best is somewhere round 3,300. Go for it!

All graphics by me (except the explosion, which was made by Clickteam), and coding was by me in Clickteam Fusion Dev. Background music by Play On Loop and found at the playonloop.com website. Beeping sound made by me in bfxr.


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such a simple game!

elegant game! I really dig the music too. I also like how you could have just had it speed up automatically, but I like that you don't have to

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Yeah, you can slow down and even stop, but you can't go in reverse. So if someone finds a manageable speed and they stick with it, it becomes almost all about their endurance. Had I more time and/or if the theme accommodated it, I would likely have made a time limit or a lap limit. Additionally, a larger track, obstacles, opponent cars (or even two players), and the like would have been nice additions.

Also note that turning becomes more responsive the more laps you complete. I increased both acceleration speed and turning speed (as in, how fast the car rotates) after the player completes a lap so that the speed of turning isn't completely out-paced by how fast the car is going.

Glad to see someone has played it and enjoyed it! I wasn't able to watch the live streaming play-throughs after the jam, and there was no video record of it this time, so I wonder what their thoughts were about it.


I love how exploitable this game is! At first I played it pretty "normally", but then I started messing around and I found this silly strategy that lets me rack up points until I get bored (I got over 10000):

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It's amazing how many loopholes I can fit into a game in one hour of development. :)

Kudos to you sylvie: you beat my personal high score. :)

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Adorable + Hilarious

The replay just becomes even more funny the longer I watch it. :)