1hgj - Incan Gold De-Make

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This is INCAN GOLD DE-MAKE, made for the One Hour Game Jam #164. The theme was Your Favourite Game, But In The Simplest Way Possible or something like that. My personal favourite tabletop card game is an old card game called Incan Gold AKA Diamant so I decided to make that. I'm surprised it came together as well as it did. This is a single player version, and I plan on adding in multiple players for hotseat play.

Use the mouse and left-click on EXPLORE or FLEE. When a card is revealed, click on the card to continue the game.
Follow instructions to continue through the entire five expeditions into the temple.

Try to collect as much gold as possible, and do your best to increase your high score! Playable in nearly any browser.

Game coding by me in Clickteam Fusion. Background music is "Desert" by DST/Deceased Superior Technician and found at the gamesounds.xyz website. Artwork by me. Sound effects made by me in bfxr.


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Bug report: Clicking in the

Bug report: Clicking in the bottom right corner of the Flee button or the top left of the Click to Continue button uses up all your expeditions

Other than that, I enjoy the simplicity of this! Gonna have to play a few more times to find the right medium between exploring and fleeing.

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...That is so weird. I will have to look into that.

I suspect it has something to do with clicking on buttons that are invisible. I will see about fixing that.

Thanks for the bug report! :)

EDIT: I altered a couple button positions to prevent accidental quick-clicks that will shift you from one frame to the next. Danni, your problem should be solved. Please reload the browser cache if it seems like the EXPLORE and FLEE buttons are in the same place.