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Those gradient ramps are

Those gradient ramps are very soothing to watch.

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i love the abundance of

i love the abundance of secret kitties. I filled as many squares as I could with them

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I think I won?

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I could only find 20 :-(


And I 19! D:


The number that each person finds depends on a lot of mysterious factors that are not understood.

It's said if you only find one, you are cursed....

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I liked how much I got to

I liked how much I got to know this room over the time I spent in it, and wondering about what systems were at play in order to reveal the kitties. I also could never quite reach that top right tile...

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I also spent quite a while

I also spent quite a while trying to reach the top right tile... until I realized I could simply jump onto it from below! :0

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23! New high score! :)