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This is a game I worked on for about two weeks or so, being my first experience with the Adventure Game Studio engine.
Right now I'm working on an artbook for this game, and the game still needs some minor bugfixing, but I thought, why not release this version here?
Hope you enjoy it, or at least, don't feel like I robbed you of your precious time.

Au revoir!

m58b33 / 5outho / Tels
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An event


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I love how cute this game is. The artwork is very nice and the music is oddly nostalgic.
I also enjoyed the subject of the messages that show up when you interact with people.
I ran into a crash clitch though. Coming from the north side into an area with a koala looking person, the controls stopped working.

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Thank you!

Yes, that is the kind of bugs I was hunting some hours ago. Just some transitions that I didn't take into account when remaking the collision masks.
When you move from a room to the one with the "koala looking person" (Which is a mouse btw, haha :) ), you get teleported into a non-walkable area, hence the controls not working. Thanks for pointing it out! ^.^

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I'd encourage multiple playthroughs, if you haven't played it more than once. Just saying!