The Fires of a Lone Hunter

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I have been stranded here for aeons.
I thought this domain was my atonement.
Alas, it is my punishment.
I will escape from this torture.
And I will find you.
Be safe, my love.

Guide the Hunter through the depths of Hell and save the one he loves, finding the key to each seal and destroying everything that opposes him.


A,D > Move
W > Use

F > Toggle fullscreen
Q > Switch quality
M > Mute/Unmute audio

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I really enjoyed this, and

I really enjoyed this, and it was a super great experience. idk if it was intentional but at some points it was a little bit too hard to read before the text disappeared.

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Thank you very much! Yes the

Thank you very much! Yes the text during level transitions is intentionally going by fast, to create some mystique.