BINKY IV: Return of Binky

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The fourth in the award winning BINKY Series.

After seven months of development, the BINKY team have created an exciting experience.
Watch as BINKY ventures into the third dimension.
Developer interview:
developer 1: our publisher has paid for an expensive computer so that...
developer 2: so that BINKY is now in the third dimension! [laughs]
developer 1: it was a good investment

WASD - movement
Arrow Keys - movement

Update: 32 Bits Build for Windows added

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An event



Burglars gone out burglin', doing the Burgle Stroll to some of the catchiest music I've ever heard.

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And yet... what do the

And yet... what do the burglars want? And can BINKY stop them!?


Crime never sleeps. But does BINKY? Is there any hope left for the rest of us when it's time for BINKY's nap?

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I am playing this only

I am playing this only today, but I remember when you posted this in a discord we're in, I am still really into the dev interview tidbit in the description. it's just timed so well.

the shift from clickteam to godot is interesting here because while there is a huge jump in several ways, it retroactively feels absolutely correct. most of the grfx are still weird clickteam sprites, and the music is midi... you could close my eyes while it boots up and I would believe it was made in clickteam!!