1HGJ: Purple Vortex

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PURPLE VORTEX, a game made in one hour for the One Hour Game Jam. This time, the theme was two colors.

PV is an arcade game where you shoot and try to destroy all the red and blue targets to progress to the next challenge level. However, targets can only be destroyed by a bullet of the same colour (you've seen Ikaruga, right?). If your turrets are hit with your own bullets, more targets will spawn. Don't have too many targets on the screen at once, or it's game over...!

MOUSE: move your targeting reticule
X KEY: shoot a blue bullet from the blue turret
Z KEY: shoot a red bullet from the red turret

Made by me in Clickteam Fusion. Sound effects made with BFXR. All graphics by me.


Made For: 
An event


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A bit confusing but

A bit confusing but interesting. Maybe a modification could be made for two players? I actually don't know about Ikaruga but I tried something like this a while ago but failed because of scratch mit edu's limitations: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/48995910/ (press space to fire)

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Thoughts, Two Player, etc.

I wasn't able to start the Scratch program. Do you need special permissions or something? The application window was blank, and not even the little green flag was showing. I'm sure I'm just missing something. [EDIT: I must have had Flash disabled on the other browser i was using, because it worked as expected on a different machine.]

Regarding 2 player Purple Vortex: I wonder if Fusion can implement two different mouse controllers, since I think that would be really interesting. The alternative I can think of that is one person uses the mouse (although the mouse buttons won't work for some reason), and the other person uses keyboard controls, each having their own turret to control. Or what if one player controlled the turrets, and the other controlled the vortex? It would be a strange asymmetrical contest. Having two controllers is also possible, and I've done something similar and kinda-sorta understand keymapping.

I'd been wondering if it were possible to create an online multiplayer simultaneous-play game with CT Fusion. It seems beyond my capabilities at the moment (I'm still struggling with the idea of an updateable online scoreboard, for example). A multiplayer game of any type, over the Internet, would be ideal. But shared PC games are still fun.

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At first I thought having

At first I thought having the two ships was superfluous but it makes sense once the screen gets sufficiently crowded. The later levels felt too much like an endless tug-of-war. Eventually got tired of mashing and settled on a score of 1404, but I like the concept!

The blue color kind of fades into the background when using nighttime blue-reducing programs (f.lux, Redshift, etc.)