1HGJ: Anglerfish

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ANGLERFISH, a game made in one hour for the One Hour Game Jam. This time, the theme was Lights.

This is what comes out when you combine the deep sea with Russian Roulette. Which of these lights is NOT an anglerfish? Increase your score bonus by guessing more than one light in the same area, but to make things easier you can always go to another lagoon... Just don't get chomped!

MOUSE/LEFT MOUSE BUTTON: make a guess at a light, move to the next area

Made by me in Clickteam Fusion. Graphics by me. Background music from the playonloop.com website. Sound effects made by me in BFXR.

For Windows only (sorry). ENJOY!

Made For: 
An event


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Being able to choose to

Being able to choose to linger in an area and make more guesses and rack up lots more points is such a cool idea.