1HGJ: Space Face Vase

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SPACE FACE VASE, a game made in one hour for the One Hour Game Jam. This time, the theme was Never Enough.

The goal is to destroy as many vases as possible. Launch balls from your face and they just might hit one. The green bar on the left is how much time you have left, while the red bar on the right (kinda sorta) keeps track of how many vases remain. Try for a high score!

You have very little control. But here are the "controls."

Press ANY KEY to launch a ball.
...I mean, really mash your keyboard.
Press the -R- KEY to restart the game.

I personally think this one is pretty whacked-out. I wanted to create the feeling of being a kid again, the moment when you throw handfuls of your Matchbox cars together to create massive chaos and hear all those satisfying *clatter* sounds. Enjoy!

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An event


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An world of infinite

An world of infinite vases... endless wealth... the smiley chooses the will of destruction. good use of klikteam assets :-)

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Yellow Face

That face has shown up in a few games before this one. I may be subconsciously channeling it. It's like the metaphorical avatar for my outlook on life.