Goof Your Friend

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A collab between Danni and Octo

Goof Your Friends is a two-player versus shooter in the vein of Combat for the Atari 2600, with a focus on silly fun.

Your goal is to shoot the other player before getting shot yourself, but when the gem countdown shows up, it becomes a King of the Hill battle! Can you make it to the gem and defend it before it spawns?

Eight levels are available for play, each one with a unique feel or gimmick:

1. Simple Box - Open, yet provides some cover. A good place to get your bearings.
2. Wrap Around - Did you know that you and your shots wrap to the other side of the screen? Now you do. Try not to get confused!
3. Chocolate Shop - Enjoy this asymmetric level with a nice mix of open and tight spaces.
4. DiscoTech - A giant disc spins in the middle. Step on it, and you will start spinning around too!
5. Mirror Maze - Use the mirrors to bank your shot in this mysterious enclosure! Some of the mirrors will even relocate from time to time!
6. Boing Paddles - Can you score against your opponent? (This is the one that received the least amount of multiplayer testing)
7. Cannonical - A rotating turret protects the center. Shoot the switches to make the turret shoot your bullets!
8. Capture the Flag - Make off with your opponent's flag in this fortress! Use the multiple routes to plan your escape!

Additional features:

- Main menu driven by in-game controls.
- Customizable scoring
- Players switch sides every match
- Random delay between "ready" and "go", for comedic effect

Kreated with Klipart! This game is Wine-compatible (Linux requires a MIDI daemon to play music).

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I am unsure what the fire

I am unsure what the fire buttons are? nonetheless it looks nice.

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F5 will let you see and

F5 will let you see and change the keyboard controls:

Shift is Fire 1
Del is Fire 4

On a gamepad, the fire buttons are mapped specifically to the numeric order of the buttons. This is unfortunately a Klik limitation.

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Played this with Capt

Played this with Capt Hastings. The delay before "Go" is kinda funny pretty much every time.
We quickly started using the strategy of covering the gem-spawn and maintaining a line of fire that could not be avoided.

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Admittedly it is easy to

Admittedly it is easy to camp defensively but it's almost too funny to change. It's at least temporary since the gem goes away when you collect it.

I did make the effort to add more routes to the CTF stage specifically because camping more or less grinds the game to a halt (the victim totally gets trapped and there's no reprieve until they get goofed).

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Wow this game is so good!! I

Wow this game is so good!! I just played it with decky and missy, we all had a blast. The midi choices are hilarious. We've only played on two of the maps for now but I'm really excited to see the other 6!!

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Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing!

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I played through the rest of

I played through the rest of the levels tonight with my partners, we had a blast! I love how so many of the ideas build on not just interesting spaces to play the game in, but extra layers of mechanics. Capture The Flag in particular feels like a level for experts!