1HGJ: Honey Bear

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HONEY BEAR, a game made in a little over an hour for the One Hour Game Jam. The theme was Consume.

Try to eat as much honey as you can! Your bear moves along the woodland path, looking for a snack. Stop at the beehives, but look out for the bees!

SHIFT/JOY BUTTON 1: Hold to eat honey.

Foliage clipart by Clickteam. Other artwork by me. Background music from the playonloop.com website. Some sound effects made with the standalone BFXR tool. Voice by me.

I took a little extra time to record some voice stuff for this game, and I think it benefits from it. Enjoy!

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An event


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I thought about posting a

I thought about posting a video of Cherub Rock by Smashing Pumpkins, but decided against it.
This was cute. My high score is 106. I started optimizing by trying to make sure I had no health left when I ran out of time. It's a lot like how I want to make sure I'm in financial debt when I join The Great Majority.

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That's definitely a lot of honey there, man. When testing, I think my top score was round 92. Nice work!

Regarding the Great Majority: I too have often wondered just how much I can affect the local economy by building up unpaid debts. Late last year I was hit by a car and I currently have a bunch of (relatively small) medical bills that I refuse to pay until my settlement comes through. What happens if I die before they're all paid off? I'm kinda curious to see how it's all gonna shake out.

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Nice design! I like the

Nice design! I like the 'secret' mechanic of waiting for bees to fly off-screen before stopping so that they don't come back!

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Disappearing Bees

Yep, destroying any bees that end up going off-screen was a last-minute addition (quite literally) that I'm pretty happy with. It allows for more player experimentation, I think.

Glad to hear you like the way it turned out! :) I hope to make at least one more single-button game for your jam before it's done.