BINKY VIII: Binky Pool Legend

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The eighth in the award winning BINKY Series.

"To master the game, you must know it inside and outside, leftwise and rightwise."
Doctor Brain, Department of Game Studies, Mars University FF09-A.

BINKY, RUFF the dog, evil doctor ROBOLLOYD, the FAIRY QUEEN and the FAIRY have gotten themselves into a bit of a pickle, or should I say pool?

Every Letter of the Alphabet - Launch BINKY based on the direction of the arrow.
Space Bar - Launch BINKY based on the direction of the arrow.

City of Doom by Action 52 transcribed by B. Busta

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An event


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Dreadful Fate

Condemned to life as a billiard ball, and no pocket to fall into. Ricocheting for all eternity. Is there no escape from this metaphor?

Well done, silky-smooth control mechanic!

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I enjoy this mechanic. Also

I enjoy this mechanic. Also the collision-sounds are killer.